The Templates list contains all of the templates that you use or might use for your different forms. You can select the template you want to use or customize, and you can manage your Templates list from here as well.
 What is a form template?
A template is the foundation of the forms—the invoices, estimates, credit memos, sales orders, purchase orders, sales receipts, statements, packing slips, and pick lists—you use to track your company's purchases and sales.
 It defines what shows onscreen when you fill out the form and what shows on the form when you print it. It also determines the structure of the form, such as which fields and columns are on the form. And it determines how the form looks—the visual elements of the form, such as the fonts that are used, and any graphics, lines, or borders.
 In short, everything that shows on the form, from start to finish, is defined in the template. By editing the template, you can create a form that's customized just for your business. Initially, the Templates list contains a set of QuickBooks standard and predefined templates that you can use as a starting point for using or customizing your forms. Your customized forms and any predesigned templates from the QuickBooks Template Gallery are also in this list.
 QuickBooks provides you with an online Template Gallery of over 100 predesigned business form templates so you can easily find one that addresses your specific business needs. Templates are available for different forms and industries, with different styles, graphics, and layouts. You can use the templates as is or customize them further. Using one of the predesigned templates is by far the fastest and easiest way to use a professional-looking template.
 The template you choose for your form defines what's available on the form. In this list, you can select the template and then use it as is or customize it for your needs. Since it's easier to change an existing template than to start from scratch, choose the template that's closest to how you want your form to look.

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