Sales Reps

Sales Reps
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Sales Reps
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Video Tutorial Over Sales Reps
What to store in this list
Use the Sales Rep list to hold information about your sales representatives. Each name shown in this window also appears on your vendor, employee, or other names list.
What is a sales rep?
Your business may need to track the income that is associated with people who have a relationship with your business. These people may or may not be employees. For example, you might track income from a partner in a law firm or a 1099 vendor who is an independent contractor.
QuickBooks has a Sales Rep List that allows you to specify employees, vendors, or "other names" as sales reps. Each sales rep is assigned initials. The names and initials appear on the Rep drop-down list on sales forms, allowing you to associate specific sales reps with specific sales so you can track their income.

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