Adjust Quantity or Value Onhand

Adjust Quantity or Value Onhand
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Adjust Quantity or Value Onhand
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Video Tutorial Over Adjusting Quantity or Value Onhand

Although QuickBooks automatically adjusts your inventory quantities after every purchase and sale, you may need to adjust them yourself from time to time. If the quantities change because of, say, fire, theft, or breakage, or if you want to manually disassemble inventory assembly items and return component parts to inventory, you need to adjust the quantity on hand for each inventory item affected.

When you adjust a quantity, QuickBooks assumes that the average cost of the item remains the same and adjusts the value accordingly. For example, if the average cost is 10 and you reduce the quantity by 2, QuickBooks reduces the value of the items on hand by 20.

You can also adjust the asset value of items in inventory because of such things as spoilage or changes in seasonal demand.

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