Pay Bills

Pay Bills
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Pay Bills
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QuickBooks Online Training
Video Tutorial Over Paying Bills In QuickBooks

There are two ways to manage bill payments in QuickBooks:

  • Enter bills when you get them and pay them when they're due.

    This method lets you keep your money in your business for as long as possible, and it enables you to track how much money you owe. You can run reports at any time to see how much you owe, and to whom. This method also keeps a record of all your bills, both before and after they're paid.

    1. Use the Enter Bills window to enter bills into your Accounts Payable account.

    2. Use the Pay Bills window to pay them when they're due.

      You can set up QuickBooks to remind you to pay bills when they're due.

    Important: If you've entered a bill in the Enter Bills window, you should always use the Pay Bills window to pay that bill. Otherwise the bill will not be marked as paid.

  • Pay bills as soon as you receive them.

    Use this method only if the bills have not been entered and you don't need to track them.

    • If you're paying with cash, check, or any form of payment other than a credit card, use the Write Checks window.

    • If you're paying the bill with a credit card, record the payment in the Enter Credit Card Charges window.

    In either window, assign the charge to an expense account.

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