Familurizing Item List

Familurizing Item List
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Familurizing Item List
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Video Tutorial Over The Item List 

This list contains the items you've set up for the services and goods you buy and sell, as well as special items that perform calculations (subtotals, discounts, and sales tax). These items appear as line items on your sales and purchase forms.

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Subitems enable you to create a hierarchy of items so that you can group information about similar items in sales reports and graphs.

Subtotal Item
Subtotals are used on sales forms, a subtotal item totals the amounts of the items above it, up to the last subtotal.

Service Item
Service items can include professional fees or labor that you charge for or pay for.

Inventory Item
You can use QuickBooks to track the items you keep in inventory and sell to your customers.

NonInventory Items
In QuickBooks, a noninventory part is one of the types of line items you can use when you are filling out a sales form or purchase form.

Assembly Items
An assembly item lets you combine inventory part items and other assembly items (subassemblies) into a single item by defining a Bill of Materials, which lists the assembly item's component parts.

Availability Item
With the Availability Item you can quickly determine the available quantity of inventory part items and inventory assembly items.

Other Item
Your business may have miscellaneous charges, such as shipping and handling charges that you need to add to a customer's invoice. Use the Other Charge item type for this type of charge.

Group Item
Group items are useful for quickly entering a group of individual items that you often purchase or sell together.

Discount Item
A discount item applies a discount (a percentage or a fixed amount) to the preceding line on a sales form

Payment Item
A payment item subtracts the amount of a customer payment from the total amount of an invoice or statement.

Tax Item
QuickBooks uses sales tax items to calculate and add sales tax charges when you make a taxable sale.

Tax Group
If your state requires you to charge a combination of local, county, and state sales taxes on your sales, ythen you will need to use a tax group.

Price Adjustments
You can change item prices one at a time or several at once, and you can adjust prices by a fixed amount or by a percentage.

Adjust Quantity or Value Onhand
Although QuickBooks automatically adjusts your inventory quantities after every purchase and sale, you may need to adjust them yourself from time to time.