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Detail Forms
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Detail Forms
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Video Tutorial Over Detailing Forms

QuickBooks comes with a variety of templates for you to use for your invoices, estimates, credit memos, sales orders, purchase orders, sales receipts, statements, packing slips, and pick lists. A template determines the appearance of your forms such as which information is included, whether a logo appears, what color scheme is used, and where all elements are placed.

You can customize the templates that come with QuickBooks to control how they look and what information is included. You can also specify what you see when you fill out the form onscreen, and what shows on the form when you print it.

To decide which format is right for your company, consider the amount of detail you want your customers to see and the length of the usual line item description. The format you choose doesn't affect the information you see in reports.

Types of Templates

QuickBooks comes with many templates that you can use for your forms:

  • Predesigned templates from the QuickBooks Template Gallery: Probably the fastest and easiest way to use a professional-looking form is to download a predesigned template.

    The Template Gallery contains over 100 templates, many with watermarks, remittance slips, rounded corners, and other special touches. In addition, we've created some special examples for common industries. And if you use forms with Intuit window envelopes or want to e-mail a form that's small in size but big in style, we have templates for those too.

    Because these templates are already set up for different businesses with different graphics and colors, you can use them as-is or customize them even more. Take a look in the Template Gallery—you may find one that's just what you want.

  • Standard templates: Your Templates list is prefilled with standard templates ready to be customized for your business needs.

  • Templates for Preprinted forms: These templates allow basic customization only so that you can use them with Intuit preprinted forms. Like the standard templates, these templates are already in your Templates list. The names of these templates usually start with "Intuit".

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