Customer Center Overview

Customer Center Overview
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Customer Center Overview
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QuickBooks Online Training
Video Tutorial Over The Customer Center

The Customer Center displays information about all of your customers and their transactions in a single place.

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New Customer
In QuickBooks, the term "customer" means anyone who pays you for goods or services.

Add Job
If you are using job tracking, you can use job types to track information about your projects and jobs that you think is important.

Custom Fields
Custom fields give you the flexibility to add customized information to data that QuickBooks already tracks about your customers, vendors, employees, and items that you purchase and sell.

Create Estimate With Price Levels
An estimate is a description of work you can do or products you can provide for customers. QuickBooks refers to this as creating an estimate, but you can give the form your own title such as bid, grant, or proposal.

Create an Invoice From an Estimate
Progress invoicing, also called progress billing or partial billing, is invoicing from an estimate in stages instead of for the full amount. However, you can invoice for the full amount when using progress invoicing.

Create Sales Order
Sales orders help you manage the sale of the products and services your customers order. Using sales orders is optional.

Sales Order Fullfillment Worksheet
When you have multiple sales orders to fulfill and not enough inventory to fulfill them all, the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet can help you decide which orders to fulfill first based on the criteria that are most important to you at the time.

Create Sales Receipt
Use Sales Receipts if your customers pay in full at the time they receive your service or product, then you don't have to track how much they owe you.

Create Statement
Use statements if you need to track how much your customers owe you (or accounts receivable, also called A/R), or if you receive payments in advance.

Access Finance Charges
Access Finance Charges

Receive Customer Payments
The method you use to record a customer payment depends on the payment type:

Credits Memos and Refunds
Enter a credit memo/refund to record a return when a customer returns items for which you have already recorded an invoice, customer payment, or sales receipt.