Custom Fields

Custom Fields
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Custom Fields
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Video Tutorial Over Custom Fields

Custom fields give you the flexibility to add customized information to data that QuickBooks already tracks about your customers, vendors, employees, and items that you purchase and sell.

When you set up custom fields for items, QuickBooks adds your custom fields to the fields you work with when you set up new items or make changes to existing items.

How to use the fields

  • You can add your own customized fields to the windows where you set up customers, vendors, employees, or items.

  • Information you enter into the fields can be just for your use, or they can prefill on certain forms when you enter a name or item on the form.

  • You can also include data from customized fields in your reports.

Note: QuickBooks treats the information you enter into a custom field the same way it treats information entered into any other field. If you memorize a transaction that has a custom field, QuickBooks memorizes what you entered in the field along with the other details of the transaction. If you export a list that contains data in custom fields, QuickBooks exports that data along with the other data from the list.

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