Writing Checks

Writing Checks
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Writing Checks
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Video Tutorial Over Writing Checks

You can write a check for:

  • Any expense that you track through expense accounts.

  • The following types of items: fixed asset, noninventory part, service, and other charge.

  • Putting money into your petty cash account.

  • Inventory part items (if you use the inventory/purchase order feature).

You can also use the Write Checks window to send a payment online.

When NOT to use the Write Checks window
Do not use the Write Checks window for any of the following:
  • To pay bills you have already entered in the Enter Bills window, use the Pay Bills window.

  • To pay employees, use the Enter Payroll Information window.

  • To pay payroll taxes and liabilities, use the Pay Liabilities window.

  • To pay sales tax, use the Pay Sales Tax window.

  • To pay for received items that include bills (if you track inventory), use the appropriate procedure to receive inventory.

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