Customizing your forms in QuickBooks

The smallest things speak LOUD about your business - even the business forms you use!

Even if you're a small company, the built-in QuickBooks invoices and other forms are simply too generic to even consider using. But if you want something that grabs your customers attention and says "HEY" we pay ATTENTION TO DETAIL, then customized forms are the way to go.

Quickbooks gives you the ability to customize your forms in various ways. You can start out with simple customization and keep right on going until you reach a full scale customized piece of art, with a little practice of course. To put it bluntly, there should be no two companies with invoices that look alike. There is just no call for it. If you feel this is too much of a task for you to undergo then you should be checking out my QuickBooks Templates video tutorials.

Over the next few blog post I will be discussing the various ways to customize your quickbooks form templates and get you looking like that professional you are, or want to be. Let's get started....

QuickBooks Form Design. the latest weapon in QuickBooks arsenal is the "Online Form Design". This little tool can be a super quick way of adding some STYLE to all of your templates at once. But don't expect it to get you out of hot water with me over your form design. It's still pretty basic and can be used in a pinch, or when you're just starting out to get you off the ground so to speak. Even though it's a good attempt by Intuit to help you with QuickBooks forms and templates design it still falls way short of what you can accomplish with your forms.

But lets take a minute and look at the good points with this new tool.

Like i said before it will lay a design down for all of your forms at once. They have some basic backgrounds and colors to choose from. But be careful with backgrounds! You don't want the background drowning out your information on the invoice or other forms.

The QuickBooks form designer will allow you to add your company logo to your forms. It will also allow you to change the OVERALL font and grid colors. Notice I said OVERALL. You cannot change individual grid colors with this tool, at least not at this point. Intuit may add to this tool in the future. As far as the grids go the tool is pretty limited. You can change your font style and colors using this tool. Intuit also saw fit to allow you to add your company information to your forms while using this tool.

That about wraps it up for Intuits online "Form Design Tool". If you ask me it's really more of a play to get you to purchase your business cards and stationary from Intuit. Why do I say that? Well as soon as you save your forms and prepare to return to work the browser sends you over and ask if you want to purchase matching business cards and stationary. There is no way around this. If you don't follow the steps you loose your designs. You don't have to purchase but you at least need to tell the system no thanks! Otherwise you've just wasted your time. I can't blame Intuit, after all, it's a good try.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Customizing Your QuickBooks Forms.

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